Best. Camping. Trip. EVER!

As I sit here, home, sick, probably from being so exhausted I can’t help but be excited to share my story and some pictures of my camping trip this past weekend! Continue reading “Best. Camping. Trip. EVER!”


Working a full time job: How it has helped me

A few weeks ago I went to a temp agency in a desperate search for a job with good, consistent, guaranteed hours. My fiance worked at a place and he loves it, so I decided to see if there was a chance I could work there too. It would save us a lot of money on gas, and if he liked it I figured I would too.  Continue reading “Working a full time job: How it has helped me”

Big News!: Birthday plus The Proposal!

I haven’t posted in quite a while, my bad. The first through the third of July I was in New York with my mother and cousin where we stayed in Saratoga Springs. One Monday, Tessa and I went to 6 Flags. I brought my laptop but we were so tired in the evenings that we pretty much got back to the hotel, got a complimentary drink, and just chilled in the room. Continue reading “Big News!: Birthday plus The Proposal!”